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State-of-the-art manufacturing for best results

Production is characterised by a high degree of automation. Elaborate manufacturing controls guarantee a constant standard of quality at the highest level and therefore satisfied customers.

Quality in – Quality out

Only raw materials of the highest quality enter the production cycle. Materials that are hazardous to people’s health, such as nickel, mercury or cobalt, are not used for KMP toner cartridges. Especially the cartridges for the newest generations of laser printers are produced with high-quality chemical and polyester toners.

Resource-saving products

To take the company's environmental concerns into account, the KMP division Save Resources collects empty inkjet and toner cartridges. Thanks to an extensive recycling system, valuable recycable material can be reused and returned to the manufacturing process.

Ink "Engineered in Germany"

True to the motto "The perfect alternative", KMP does not only want to score with price, but also with quality. All inks are developed at the German headquarter, and produced at in-house sites in Europe. Our close co-operation with renowned chemical enterprises further contributes to the high quality of the KMP products. For KMP inks we use only best raw materials. All KMP inks carry the label »engineered in Germany«.

The KMP plant in ?kyn?/Czech Republic

Manufactured in Europe

Our works in Ckyne/Czech Republic are equipped with three productions buildings plus two spacious high-bay warehouses which spread over an area of more than 10,000 square metres, providing a production capacity of 100,000 products per month. Since 2010, the works have been certified according to ISO 14001 and have demonstrably been manufacturing in an environmentally friendly process.

During the production processes the quality control continually takes samples of all products.

Quality assurance

Our quality management has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008. During the production processes the quality control continually takes samples of all products. These samples undergo performance tests. The color and print quality of the product is thoroughly checked. Inkjet and laser printers of many vintages and by all known manufacturers are indispensable for these tests. Only cartridges that have been exposed to these tests will leave our factory.

Production of empty cartridges

Development and design of all compatible empty cartridges is computer-aided at KMP. The empty cartridges are then injection-moulded at the associated CS Computer Supplies company, which is also located in Eggenfelden. All cartridge housings for inkjet products as well as housings for ink ribbons and carbon tapes are manufactured in  multi-shift operation there.

Manufacturing of toner cartridges

In the toner production plant the returned empty cartridges are first dismantled and then cleaned in a fully automated process. The handling of the plastic parts is CNC-controlled.

At rotary tables the cartridges are again assembled and refilled with toner powder of high quality. Smaller batches are produced at production islands. Already during the manufacturing processes all KMP toner cartridges undergo a complete functional test. Toner cartridges by KMP are manufactured according to the German Industrial Standard DIN 33870.

Production of ink cartridges

In our Czech Plant, the empty parts are exposed to a thorough production process. The ink cartridges are filled at ultra-modern automated manufacturing facilities. Video surveillance and the final weight control guarantee the constant good quality of each single ink cartridge.

Cartridges with integrated print heads also undergo precisely defined production steps. First, the empty cartridges are cleaned of all residues before being refilled with the high-quality KMP-inks and then electronically tested. They are produced according to German Industrial Standard DIN 33871-1.

The jumbo rolls are cut and then wound onto hard paper tubes.

Manufacturing of thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons for fax machines are being produced by KMP also. The jumbo rolls are cut to order and then wound onto hard paper tubes.

At rotary tables the nylon ribbons are inserted into the empty cassettes.

Production of ribbons

KMP is a leading manufacturer of color ribbons and color rolls. With about 500 different products, KMP offers ribbons for typewriters, matrix printers, calculators, and the latest technology in POS solutions. At rotary tables the nylon ribbons are inserted into the empty cassettes and then sealed by ultra sound.

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