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Our Commitment to Social Responsibility - Trust and Responsibility

We are aware of our role and our responsibility as a company, not only on a local basis. This is why we are committed to different social projects from the areas of health, education and sports.

Certificate SA 8000:2014 social responsibility

Our award of SA 8000:2014 social responsibility certification in June 2022 is a testament to our deep-rooted commitment to placing ethical standards at the heart of our business.
Social responsibility in focus
For us, the focus is on people. Our SA 8000:2014 certification confirms that we respect and protect the rights, safety and health of our employees and stakeholders. Our award of the SA 8000:2014 certificate for social responsibility in June 2022 is proof of our deep-rooted commitment to putting ethical standards at the heart of our company.
Focus on social responsibility
For us, the focus is on the human being. Our SA 8000:2014 certification confirms that we respect and protect the rights, safety and health of our employees and stakeholders.
Customer trust and ethics
With the SA 8000:2014 certificate, our customers can be confident that we have embedded social responsibility in all our activities. This is a seal of approval for ethics and integrity.
International recognition
SA 8000:2014 is a globally recognized standard. Our certification gives us access to global markets and demonstrates our commitment to global social issues.
Reputation protection and ethics
The certificate helps us to minimise ethical risks and protect our corporate reputation. We stand for responsible and ethical behaviour.
Sustainability and environmental protection
Our SA 8000 certification demonstrates our commitment to sustainable business practices and environmental protection, benefiting both our environment and our customers.
Transparency and trust
We are committed to transparency in all our business relationships and reaffirm our trust in our stakeholders.
Cost optimisation and efficiency
By implementing SA 8000:2014, we can reduce costs in the long term by minimizing conflicts and increasing efficiency.
Community relations
We strengthen our ties to the communities in which we operate and demonstrate our commitment to social issues that go beyond our company.
As a SA 8000:2014 certified company, we are equipped for the future and ready to meet the changing demands of the market and society. Our certification is a confirmation of our commitment to social responsibility and proof that we live the values of ethics and fairness in all aspects of our business. Together, we are shaping a better and more just world.

The KMP charitable initiative

Anyone, who uses a printer can contribute to our initiative simply and at no cost to themselves. This initiative profits from the donated refunds from our Save Resources collections of empty printer cartridges. At the moment, there are four organisations affiliated with the initiative: the German Childhood Cancer Foundation »Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung«, terre des hommes Deutschland, the German Diabetes Foundation »Deutsche Diabetesstiftung« and the relief organisation »Apotheker helfen e. V.« which is the »German Pharmacists’ Aid« operated by the Bavarian Pharmacists. These additional funds are immensely helpful for completing various relief projects.

Educational training at KMP

Achieving the leading position we meanwhile hold has only been possible with committed and motivated staff members. Many long-term employees, more than half of whom have been with the company for over 10 years, have made significant contributions to our success. This shows us how important comprehensive initial and further training is for the development of qualified staff: We therefore train employees in the professions of industrial clerk, office clerk for international business, IT specialist and specialist for warehouse logistics – for only a well-trained team can provide top performance.


As a medium-sized company, whose employees primarily live in our region, we naturally see our responsibility for supporting regional sporting and cultural events. Thus we support local sports clubs and charity organisations for instance and do a great deal for local schools.

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