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LGA tested for pollutants.

All KMP toners with a minimized health risk for the user carry the logo "LGA tested for pollutants".
The logo for toners wich are LGA tested for pollutants

Numerous KMP toner products operate at particularly low emissions and have attained the label »LGA schadstoffgeprüft« which means »LGA tested for pollutants«. The application of these cartridges minimizes the health risk for the user, making them more consumer-friendly. The German testing institute TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH grants the certificate »LGA schadstoffgeprüft« after a series of tests regarding the content of harmful substances in the toner powder and after meeting specific requirements.

Which requirements must be met?

Analyses of material (toner powder)limit values
• volatile organic compounds
› TVOC < 300 mg/kg
› benzene < 0,35 mg/kg
› styrene < 40 mg/kg
› volatile CMR substances (cat. 1+2)each < 1 mg/kg
• heavy metals
› cobalt< 25 mg/kg
› nickel< 70 mg/kg
• organostannic compounds
Emission test (during printing, black print)limit values
• TVOC< 10 mg/h
• benzene< 0,05 mg/h
• styrene< 1,0 mg/h
• Sum of volatile CMR substances (cat. 1+2)< 0,1 mg/h

Emission Testing

  • in specific emissions test chambers (sizes: 1, 2, 3 and 25 m³)
  • minimum printing time 10 minutes
  • print template according to German Industrial Standard DIN 33870 (2001-01), page coverage 5 % black
  • measurement during printing stage and afterrunning cycle

»LGA-schadstoffgeprüft« applies to all toner cartridges in which the tested toner is used in accordance with the respective certificate.

Explanatory notes

Volatile organic compounds

Pollution of indoor air with volatile organic compounds may be associated with impairments of wellbeing and other disease patterns. Known symptoms are headaches, allergies, fatigue, impairment of physical or mental performance, sleep disorders, and respiratory irritations, for example.

TVOC (total volatile organic compounds)

Emissions from printing systems are to be kept as low as possible and thus indoor air hygienically acceptable to minimize unfavourable impacts on the user’s health.

CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction)

This measurement detects if carcinogenic or mutagenic substances or substances which are toxic for reproduction remain within the limits.

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