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Brilliant colours with KMP ink cartridges.

Ink »Engineered in Germany«: Supreme quality

The original is our reference. This is why the individual colours for practically every new cartridge type are developed afresh in the KMP laboratories. Strict quality standards apply when we select raw materials. All inks are developed at the German headquarters and produced at in-house sites in Europe.

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In matters of quality and performance, we are uncompromising. Whether relating to a recycled inkjet cartridge or a clever innovation, the aim we have for our products does not change: 100 percent compatibility and as good as the original – at an attractive price. We are offering supplies for Brother, Canon, Epson, HP and many more.

Made in Germany

„Made in Germany“ products have an excellent international reputation. We develop and produce our inks in our own laboratories in Lower Bavaria. This is the most effective way to thoroughly test all of our products and make sure they meet our high demands on quality. Using only the finest raw materials, we keep testing and improving every ink until we can guarantee that it perfectly suits the printer model it is intended for. This is how we also generate jobs and strengthen our local economy..

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Made in Europe: Flexible Manufacturing

Our requirements relating to the quality and availability of KMP products are exceedingly stringent. We manufacture only in Europe and our plant in the Czech Republic is equipped with one of the most modern ink filling lines. This enables us to respond to the market demands very rapidly.

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XXL: Many pages, low price

Better performance does not necessarily have to be more expensive. Based on intensive research and development, we can achieve page performances beyond the reach of the original. The result: XXL inkjet products with up to 6 times higher page yields – at the same quality.

ISO/IEC 24711: Performance made transparent

Comparability with the original is particularly important to us. Page yields for all standard colours (black, cyan, magenta and yellow) are determined according to ISO/IEC 24711. Our products offer the same page yields as the original, and in some cases even exceed them.

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DIN 33871-1: Quality and function guaranteed

We guarantee consistently high print quality and flawless functionality. KMP production standards conform to DIN 33871-1. Accordingly, comparability with other offerings in terms of quality and performance is assured.

36 months’ warranty: Quality with peace of mind

Our objective is that you should be able to decide for KMP without concerns of any kind. If you have questions, we will assist you in word and deed, and any complaints will be handled as simply as possible. We offer you the KMP guarantee of quality for 36 months on our entire inkjet product line.

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