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KMP Guarantee terms


All of our products are of course covered by the statutory warranty of two years. In addition, we are pleased to offer our customers a three-year guarantee on our inks and toners in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below.



1. Our customers have the choice of subsequent performance through repair or replacement. However, please bear in mind that we are entitled to refuse the type of subsequent performance chosen if this is only possible at unreasonable expense and the other form of subsequent performance does not involve any significant disadvantages for you.

However, if our attempts to remedy the defect fail, or if subsequent performance is not possible or only possible within an unreasonably long period of time, you may either demand a reduction of the purchase price (reduction), withdraw from the contract (withdrawal) or demand compensation from us instead of the actual performance.

3. In all other cases, the statutory warranty provisions shall apply.



1. In addition to the statutory warranty for consumers of two years, we offer you a total of three years’ guarantee on our inks and toners in accordance with these provisions. The guarantee period is three years and begins on the date you purchased our product.

2. If you wish to assert a guarantee claim against us, you must return the goods to us no later than 14 days after the occurrence of the guarantee-activating event. In this case, you must initially bear the shipping costs yourself.

3. If our inspection of the goods reveals that they are covered by the guarantee in accordance with these terms and conditions, we will send you a replacement and reimburse you for the postage for the cheapest method of dispatch. We recommend that you contact Customer Service before doing so. The guarantee claim form can be found on our homepage under Downloads or under the following link: Please send the goods, referring to the guarantee, to: KMP AG, Complaint handling Pfarrer-Findl-Straße 40, 84307 Eggenfelden, Germany

Please enclose a copy of the original invoice with the complaint. Please understand that we have to reject any claims submitted without the respective invoice, as we can only calculate the guarantee period on the basis of this documentary evidence.

4. The guarantee covers the warranted characteristics of our products as stated in our performance/article descriptions. Excluded from the guarantee are, in particular, wear and tear, the consumption of the goods, or defects that have occurred due to circumstances arising as a result of incorrect use or as a result of behaviour which does not fall within our area of responsibility.

5. If it is no longer possible to replace the same model, we may at our discretion supply you with an appropriate subsequent model in this case.

6. The three-year guarantee granted by us does not cover, in particular, damage or defects resulting from improper use, inappropriate and/or incorrect handling and storage and/or inattention. We also exclude our guarantee for cases in which the defects have arisen because the respective instructions for use were not observed. We also reserve the right to first check the products sent in by you with regard to the standard guarantee conditions stated here.

7. Furthermore, we would like to point out that we will not extend the guarantee period in the event of a guarantee claim. Of course, we cannot grant a new guarantee period of another three years in such cases. However, the remaining guarantee period for the product originally purchased from us will continue to apply.

8. Returns of printer cartridges and toners that are no longer used, still in their original packaging and undamaged, will be handled as before.



Our liability according to the Germany Product Liability Act remains unaffected by the above mentioned rules, insofar as the respective conditions are given, which enable corresponding claims.

Our warranty terms apply in the European Union.

In case of warranty please contact our dealer or call our
Service Hotline: +49 (0)180 2 020800
(The charge for calls to 01802 numbers from the German fixed-line network is 6 ct/call, from the wireless German phone network max. 42 ct/minute. Phone charges for callers from abroad may differ.)

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