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Performance by standards - or even more

The page yields for all our inkjet products are determined according to ISO/IEC 24711. We determine the page yields for toner cartridges according to ISO/IEC 19752 for monochrome toners and according to ISO/IEC 19798 for color toners.

Why page yield is measured according to ISO?

The ISO norms are industry standards for determining the performance of toner cartridges and ink cartridges. The standards specify various test methods that effect printing performance so all manufacturers can utilise the same methodology when measuring yield. Comparability with products of the original equipment manufacturers is possible only by using this test methods.

Predescribed criteria are among other things

  • test document
  • numbers of test printers and test cartridges
  • conditions of temperature

Our products offer the same ranges as the original, and in some cases even exceed them.

XXL – higher yield, lower price

KMP products offer the same performance and functionality as OEM products – but at asignificantly more attractive price.

With the toner cartridges of the XXL-Series, KMP goes even one step further. Thanks to intensive research and development, these cartridges offer up to 4 x higher page yields at significantly lower costs compared to standard cartridge prices. In this way, printing costs can be reduced by up to 50 % at consistently high quality.

Our ink cartridges help to save money, too. Based on intensive research and development, we can achieve page performances beyond the reach of the original. The result: XXL inkjet products with more than 6 times greater range – with the same quality. A real XXL-benefit for you!

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